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domenica 15 aprile 2012

MA4Producteev for BlackBerry

MA4Producteev is the first and the only one mobile application for BlackBerry © smartphones that using the Producteev ©'s API let you manage your tasks and sub-tasks on the go!

There are not other apps for blackberry that support the sub-tasks feature!

MA4Producteev is still in beta version and it's absolutely free! You can install it from AppWorld or scanning this QR Code

Use with caution. I will not answer for any failure or data loss.

Here you can see some screenshots of the app.


MA4Producteev is a native WebWorks client that uses the REST API offered by .

So you must have an account on that site to use my app MA4Producteev!

MA4Producteev has been projected and realized by keeping in mind that not all mobile users have flat-rate data plans so the application's cache stores every data step by step: only what you have requested to 's web services and no other stuff.

By default BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Smartphones 2.3.1 builds applications that can be run on OS5, OS6 and OS7.

This app is not for BlackBerry PlayBook.

What is Producteev?

Producteev is a
simple and versatile task management tools help keep you organized and on the ball. Labels, deadlines, reminders, sub-tasks,
notes and files.

What are sub-task

Sub-tasks is a recent feature that the's Dev Team has implemented.

Thanks to sub-tasks now it's easy to manage large tasks by dividing those into smaller bricks.

Thanks to MA4Producteev now you can use that feature also on your blackberry smartphone while you're on the go and not only through the's site.


Great Improvement in this release.

It completes the important improvement that got started with the previous release.

Within this deployment there're new features that have been developed, both layout and usability have been improved and some small issues have been fixed.

First of all, MA4Producteev is now available only for OS6 devices!
That's because I've introduced bbUI.js to make the app to get native BlackBerry look&feel.

Now the list of the new features.

New features developed:

  • BlackBerry native look&feel;
  • Better cache I/O: more efficient and quick;
  • Possibility to flag Auto Login;
  • Possibility to download and to view task notes's attachment;
  • Improved usability and organizzation;
  • Improved menu
  • Added the Support page
  • Some bugs fixed;

In this beta version, all the data cached are always available while the application is running: so don't close it but get it in the background mode.

New releases soon, stay tuned ;)


2 commenti:

  1. Hello
    Im not able to download the app for OS 7, could you please send by email?

    1. Hi Jonathan :-)

      I'm sorry but after that changed his API set the app has been discontinued. Now it's available only for BlackBerry10 devices.



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